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whats the rage about UV Gel Polish?

Its the best thing ever invented! I tested a new UV Gel Polish system at work and I loved it! Seriously my color did not chip at all! Which is the great alternative to regular nail polish.  If you use regular nail polish your nail color will usually chip withing 2 or 3 my case its always 2-3 hours.  I was amazed at the fact that my Gel polish lasted 2 weeks with absolutely no chipping.  The process of application is a little longer then just applying regular nail polish, but it is less then getting acrylics.  You have to cure each product you put on the nail with a UV Lamp. Its kind of like a sandwich application process.
1. Apply the base gel coat.
2. Cure under a UV watt lamp 2 minutes.
3.  Apply a coat of gel polish.
4. Cure under a UV lamp 2 minutes.
( you can apply a second layer of color if you like)
5.  Apply the sealer top coat.
6. Cure under a UV lamp 2 more minutes.

I added a third layer of glitter with a gel brush and added a final layer of topcoat to make the nai…