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SpeedyGel Kit Tutorial

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SpeedyGel Kits!

I am absolutely in Love with UV Gel polish! Acrylic nails are fun, but its just not practical for everyday. Nail polish is fun if you have that much amount of free time on your hand to change it up every other day.  Amazing Shine has launched a line of UV Gel Polish and have a fabulous kit that will help you start up your gel system! I absolutely love it! The kit is 49.95! I know it sounds pricey but honestly its worth it! The kits contains the following:

1 Primer1 UV Gel Base/CoatCleanser1 Gel polish1 Cotton Pad Dispenser1 Cleanser Pump1 Sponge File1 Zebra Nail FileYou get a total of 8 items in this kit, averaging at  $6.25 which is not bad at all given that these are all salon quality items! You can find this item on and they offer free shipping.  You do have to purchase the UV Lamp but they Amazing Shine also offers very affordable UV lamps.  Put it on your Xmas wish list!

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