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February ShoeDazzle Pick

My ShoeDazzle pick of the Month:
Which are basically just knock offs of the Steve Madden "Gretta"'s
I have been wanting the Steve Madden Gretta and was about to purchase them when I noticed the Taylyn on Shoedazzle and realized I had a credit.  I have a love hate relationship with platforms.  I love that they are so comfortable but I really don't need the extra 5 inches in height.  I'm already 5'7" you do the math =/

If you don't already have shoedazzle try it out! Click on my link and get 20% of your first purchase!

Sleeping under Volcanoes in Guatemala

Not really but next time I am in Guatemala I will be.  I was in G city for 3 days and I didn't really get to see what I wanted to see.  If this was a personal trip I would never stay in a hotel in capitol city.  I would much rather go explore places like Tikal, Atitlan, beaches anywhere except the city, but beggars cant be choosers and in the end I'm happy to even set foot in this beautiful country. City wise it felt like I was in Mexico City, but obviously much smaller.  But the feeling was the same, traffic, buses jam packed with people hanging out the door, street vendors and people everywhere.

 The food was amaaaaaazing! In three days I had about 3 different types of tamales, platanos fritos, black beans, longaniza, chorizo, adobo, pupusas and about a ton of rice.

 Finally on Thursday I was able to visit Antigua for a couple of hours. Antigua means "Ancient Guatemala" and was the capital city in the 18th century.  It has traditional Spanish Baroque buildings, cob…